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Any rational person punishes not because a deed has been performed but to prevent it in future.
HomepageServices2. Comprehensive legal support for juridical persons. Corporative lawyer.

2. Comprehensive legal support for juridical persons. Corporative lawyer.

It includes organizational-legal services rendered to a Client in conformity with the contract for service rendering that provides for rendering of services defined by the parties for a fixed monthly license fee. Lawyer is responsible for legal provision of current activities of the company in scope and on terms defined in the contract, namely:

  • Gives oral and written advice on enforcement of civil, corporative, labour, land, fiscal, administrative, private international laws and international legal relations;
  • Draws up legal documents (contracts, agreements, letters, certificates, constituent acts etc.);
  • Controls conformance of Principal’s nonpublic documents to requirements of legislation, helps to properly draw up the above-mentioned documents;
  • Visas contracts, gives legal treatment, legal evaluation of contract conclusion expediency if required; follows the application of sanctions provided by law and contract with respect to contractors who ignore the contract;
  • Organizes and carries out claim activities regarding the documents developped by accounts department, renders assistance to this activity if it is performed by the Principal’s other departments;
  • Gives advice, conclusions and information regarding legal matters for the Principal, helps to deal with citizens’ offers, applications and complaints in proper time.