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11. Legal protection of intellectual property right.

1. Legal protection of intellectual property right is performed by means of:

  • Payment of damages, including loss of profit;
  • Cessation of activities that violate rights or create menace of violation (prohibition of infringing goods or their advertisement selling etc.);
  • Reinstatement of position that existed before rights violation (destruction of pirated copies, indication of author’s name while using product etc.);
  • Recognition of rights;
  • Levying compensation for moral damage.

2. Legal services of a lawyer dealing with protection of intellectual property right include:

  • Advice from jurists, lawyers and experts;
  • Drawing-up writ including package of documents, complaints, applications for any law-enforcement authority;
  • Examination of documents, preparation and submission of writs to court;
  • Direct participation of lawyer in judicial sitting;
  • Preparation of amicable agreement draft and its confirmation in court;
  • Participation in procedure of appealing court decision that did not come into force (if required);
  • Participation of lawyer in procedure of court decision execution in office of justice officers.