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4. Integration system of heterogeneous companies (mergers and take-overs).

1. Companies’ legal expertise (organization of full information on a subject, determination of a subject’s value, organization of information for making a final decision on property acquisition). Expertise is aimed to reveal essential legal and financial risks of a subject for the time of expertise conducting or potential risks in future.

Main trends of expertising:

  • Order of organization creation;
  • Corporate right (management structure of a company or a group of companies; problems of antimonopoly legislation; securities);
  • Estate property, interest in land;
  • Intellectual property, licences;
  • Considerable economic operations;
  • Law of employment (personnel policy, labour collectives, relations with trade unions, controlling unit);
  • Structure of bill payable and accounts receivable;
  • Taxation, fiscal liability, budget debts;
  • Judicial contest, contracting parties’ claims.

2. Expert legal conclusion — preparation of written conclusion on application of right for realization of integration system procedure for heterogeneous companies (mergers and take-overs).

During expertise the following documentation is examined:

  • Corporative documents;
  • Legal documentation on real estate, other assets;
  • Documents that establish debt liabilities;
  • Licences and permits;
  • Contract basis;
  • Claim-judicial documents;
  • Financial and tax documents;
  • Capital issues;
  • Other documents and information.

3. Assessment of legal and tax risks:

  • Development of recommendations taking into account risks minimization;
  • Development of legal schemes of the procedure of participants’ interactions;
  • Development of strategy and tactics of efficient conducting in a legal situation of realization procedure of heterogeneous companies integration system (mergers and take-overs);
  • Evaluation of reorganization processes from the point of view of tax consequences for the participants;
  • Analysis of risks connected with legislation, state structures activities, companies that are contiguously interested in the given property complex (companies — competitors that are aimed at take-overs of the property complex they are interested in).

4. Consulting on the choice of mergers and take-overs’ form, including legal pecularities of optimal bargain structure, temporal, financial and other resources required for the bargain completion in conformity with the chosen structure:

  • Choice of the most optimal reorganization form starting from a set problem;
  • Development of juridical part of the bargain, determination of the bargain’s primary stages and consulting on the optimization of realization stages of heterogeneous companies integration procedure (mergers and take-overs).

5. Legal — organizational support of realization procedure of heterogeneous companies integration system (mergers and take-overs):

  • Preparation of the required documents: contracts, regulations, letters, requests, claims, writs, reviews etc.;
  • Consulting assistance at the stage of negotiations including preparation of a party’s position for negotiations, development of negotiations’ plan, analytical support of negotiation process;
  • Participation in preparation of documents’ design for required corporative procedures (documentation of the authority meeting, stockholders/ founders meeting);
  • Legal support for corporative procedures, including preparation and holding of stockholders/ founders meeting, consulting on preparation matters and stockholders/founders meeting results design etc.;

6. Assistance to judicial contests that appear during realization of procedure of heterogeneous companies integration system (mergers and take-overs):

  • Analysis of potential contests;
  • Assisstance in conflicts prevention;
  • Services in resolution of case judicially and by means of negotiations;
  • Assistance in settlement of matters dealing with succession and liabilities of a company under reorganization including discharge and modification of the liabilities’ conditions, following the procedure of re-execution of rights in relation to liabilities of the company under reorganization;
  • Restructuring of existing liabilities of the company under reorganization, consulting on legal aspects of operations with assets and liabilities during realization of integration of heterogeneous companies system (mergers and take-overs).

7. Settlement of matters on paying off accounts payable/bills receivable, including assistance in executing, negotiating, legal levying of debts or organizing of system of debt collection protection.

8. Acquisition of right of property for property complex/object:

  • Documents’ preparation and submission to the agency for registration of right to real property and real estate business;
  • Receiving certificate for right of property for property complex/object.