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True laws are in human nature; he who acts contrary to them knows what consequences feel like.
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HomepageServices10. Pleading civil cases in courts of general jurisdiction in all instances.

10. Pleading civil cases in courts of general jurisdiction in all instances.

1. Lawyer participates as a representative for the following categories of cases:

  • Cases dealing with domestic relations;
  • Cases dealing with labor relations;
  • Cases dealing with familial- legal relations;
  • Cases dealing with land disputes;
  • Cases dealing with property inheritance (recognition of heir; recognition of unworthy heir; fixing time and place for inheritance opening; ascertainment of the fact of testament drawing-up; testament natural portion; determination of factual testament portions; inter- heir disputes; inheritance tax assessment etc.);
  • Cases dealing with property disputes (disputes resulting from civil-legal contracts, indemnification etc.);
  • Cases dealing with contestation of decisions, activity (inactivity) of public authority, local authority, officials, government and public employees;
  • Cases dealing with ascertainment of the fact of legal significance;
  • Other categories of cases.

2. Legal services of a lawyer for civil cases include:

  • Examination of case, oral consultation;
  • Preparation of claim statements, motions, requests;
  • Submission of a claim statement in court or by post;
  • Participation in judicial sittings;
  • Examination of case materials, notes for a protocol;
  • Preparation and submission of an appeal;
  • Participation in execution.