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long with state laws there are laws of conscience that compensate for legislation neglect.
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HomepageServices6. Conducting law cases in arbitrage in all instances.

6. Conducting law cases in arbitrage in all instances.

1. List of law cases:

  • Execution of contract and other liabilities;
  • Alteration of contract or denunciation of contract;
  • Bargain invalidation, application of consequences of invalid bargains;
  • Collection of contract debts (supply, sale, onerous service rendering contracts etc.); payment of damages;
  • Confession of right of property;
  • Insolvency (bankruptcy);
  • Invalidation (full or partial) of state structures, local authorities and other authorities’ non-normative acts that do not correspond to laws and other standard acts and that violate rights and legitimate interests of organizations and citizens;
  • Recognition of illegal activities (inactivities) of state structures, local authorities and other authorities, officials, including officers of justice who affect persons’ rights and legitimate interests in business field or any economic field.
  • Protection of honour, dignity and business reputation;
  • Refund from budget of cash assets written off by controlling units which failed to meet requirements of law or other standard act;
  • Other caregories of law cases.

2. Legal transaction services rendered by a lawyer include:

  • Case insight, oral consultation;
  • Preparation of statements of claim, petitions, requests;
  • Filing statements of claim in court or by post;
  • Participation in judicial sittings;
  • Examination of case materials, notes for a protocol;
  • Preparation and filing appeals (supervisory appeals);
  • Participation in execution.